Pinnacle 522 Litres Pharmacy Fridge

Pharmacy Refrigerator “M” Series Upright

Model: PPR-S-522-1-GD
Product Name: Pharmacy Refrigerator
Warranty: 1 year parts and labour, 2 years parts only, 3 years compressor only

522 Litre Pharmacy Refrigerator – PPR-M-522-1-GD


  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Min-Max Logger
  • Building Management System Connection
  • Fan Forced Cooling
  • Door Lock
  • Internal Lighting
  • Battery Backup Controller
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Pinnacle 522 Litres Pharmacy Fridge Product Description

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Pinnacle PPR-M-522-1-GD


Product application
Pinnacle has developed a fan forced 522 litre upright pharmacy refrigerator that goes above and beyond the standard being offered by other manufacturers. A small foot print and large storage capacity, PPR-M-522-1-SD/GD pharmacy refrigerator suits situations where space is a premium. With an average operation temperature of 5 degrees Celsius and alarm points of 2-8 degrees Celsius the refrigerator is suited for keeping pharmaceutical drugs at their optimal temperature. The refrigerator is best suited to pharmacies, vet clinics, universities, hospitals and clinical trial organisations that have a moderate turnover of product. The clever design of having two split doors reduces energy costs and improves temperature stability within the cabinet.

Cabinet construction and standard features

The PPR-M-522-1-GD is constructed externally of 430L stainless steel. The internal liner is 304 Stainless steel and inner doors are ABS plastic for maximum efficiency. Standard features for the PPR-M-522-1-GD include:

Digital controller with minimum and maximum temperature logging.

The controller has battery backup that will continue to display the temperature inside the refrigerator for 24hrs after a power loss. (note: batteries should be replaced after extended power loss see manual for more details) This feature is particularly desired as it will continue to log the minimum and maximum temperature and display the current temperature inside refrigerator. The audible alarm will activate when the refrigerator reaches the high temperature alarm point of 8°C without power connected to the refrigerator. This has proved to be beneficial when the power chord has been bumped/unplugged or a circuit breaker has tripped.

Remote alarm contacts (BMS).

This feature is primarily used by facilities that are not staffed 24hrs a day. The normally closed set of contacts will open if there is a high temperature, low temperature alarm or power failure. Most often these alarm contacts can be hooked into the existing alarm system within the facility making it very cost effective. In many cases issues can occur (circuit breaker tripped etc.) after-hours and with no staff members around to save product. Also see our GSM and hard wired auto dial out systems.

Cable port hole.

In some cases users fit auxiliary temperature sensors. With a cable port as standard, the sensor cable does not have to run through the door seal. This feature reduces damage to door seals and also reduces unnecessary ice ups and potential service calls. See our auxiliary temperature loggers.

Fan forced cooling within the pharmacy refrigerator

This gives good temperature distribution on all shelves.

Coated wire shelves

Open wire design to improve air circulation around product.

High efficiency insulation

Reducing running costs and improving internal conditions.

Door lock

To give product security.

LED lighting internally

Reducing the running costs. LED lights offer long life operation and reduce heat load inside the cabinet.

Cyclic defrost

The fan forced evaporator within the refrigerator is automatically defrosted during an off cycle. The refrigerators are designed for moderate turnover of product. Should you have a high turnover of product see the PPR-P range.


Large castors making moving the refrigerator easier.

Pinnacle 522L Pharmacy Fridge Optional features

  • Guardian T alarm testing facility. Please refer to the product page.
  • External temperature Logger. The loggers are a standalone item to the refrigerator that continuously logs the temperature within the refrigerator. This is used to determine how long product has been out of range.
  • 7 day Chart recorder records the temperature within the refrigerator and continually plots it on a 7 day rotating graph. This feature allows easy viewing of refrigerator temperatures. For full details please refer to the product page.
  • Low temperature cut out. Fitted to stop the refrigerator freezing in the unlikely event of a control failure.
  • Auto dialler for externally ringing out when the refrigerator is in the alarm state. Available in both GSM and standard phone line.
  • Additional shelving
  • Customised shelving. When the existing shelving does not suit the application a custom solution is available.
  • Solid Door. For light sensitive products.


PPR-M-522-1-GD PPR-M-1081-2-GD PPR-M-1660-3-GD
Storage Capacity (litres) 522L 1081L 1660L
Amperage 3.5 amps 4 amps 4 amps
Size external (H x W x D) 1900mm x 640mm x 810mm 1900mm x 1260mm x 810mm 1900mm x 1900mm x 810mm
Size internal (H x W x D) 1380mm x 550mm x 645mm 1380mm x 1160mm x 645mm 1380mm x 1800mm x 645mm
Weight Kg 110kg 210kg 290kg
Refrigerant R134a R134a R134a
Warranty Labour (refer to full warranty conditions) 1 year 1 year 1 year
Warranty Parts (refer to full warranty conditions) 2 years 2 years 2 years
Warranty compressor only (refer to full warranty conditions) 3 years 3 years 3 years
Number of shelves 4 8 per door 12 per door
Digital controller Included Included Included
Battery back up (controller) Included Included Included
Door open Alarm Optional Optional Optional
High temperature alarm Included Included Included
Low temperature alarm Included Included Included
Power loss alarm BMS Only BMS Only BMS Only
Remote alarm contacts (BMS) Included Included Included
Internal fan switch Optional Optional Optional
Cable port hole Included Included Included
Fan forced cooling Included Included Included
Door lock Included Included Included
High efficiency insulation Included Included Included
Glass Door insert Included Included Included
Internal lighting Included Included Included
Guardian T alarm testing facility Optional Optional Optional
External temperature Logger Optional Optional Optional
7 day Chart recorder Optional Optional Optional
Low temperature cut out Optional Optional Optional
Auto dialler Optional Optional Optional
Additional shelving Optional Optional Optional
Castors Included Included Included
Customised shelving Optional Optional Optional
Solid door Optional Optional Optional

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 81 x 64 x 190 cm